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We are a small privately owned hightech company. Design, construction and production are closely linked together. This allows us to respond quickly to your requests and orders. We are manufacturing prototype quantities as well as small and mid size volume orders.

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Our company designs and manufactures since more than 10 years very successfully antennas for direct radio links for both civil and military applications.

We serve the EMC market with highly sophisticated Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks and Antennas for EMC applications.

In the RF-components division we design and manufacture a wide range of filters and couplers according customer requirements as well as limiter, low noise amplifiers etc..

Everything is done in-house starting from the designs, which are made with high sophisticated software tools, up to the production with most modern CNC-equipment.

We react fast and flexible to all your requirements. The focus on quality and reliability is one of the keyfactors of our success.

You are looking for a partner for custom made rf-filters, antennas and EMC products? No problem here you get your support



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